Max Fordham House

Constructing Excellence 2019 Finalist – Sustainability & Project of the Year

New-build Three Bedroom Passive House Plus Zero Carbon Home


Bere Architects

Contract Value

Circa £1.25M

Project Description

We are delighted to have completed this project in Camden Town, currently shortlisted for an RIBA London 2019 award and two Construction Excellence awards. It is a new-build Passivhaus on an urban infill site, previously the client’s garden.

Designed by bere:architects who were given a free hand by the client Max Fordham, it features a number of bespoke elements conceived by Max such as internal shutters constructed from insulation board to be controlled by the smart-home system. No additional heating systems have been installed.

Max decided to avoid unneccessary cosmetic features that would detract from the main focus of the project, which is to demonstrate a technical concept that could have widespread benefits for retrofit and low-cost housing sectors.

  • "We’re really lucky to have them Bow Tie Construction working on our project. Thanks for all your fantastic work so far."
    — Nick H
  • "Passing our air test the first time is testament to how well Bow Tie do things"
    — Justin Bere
  • "Bow Tie are meticulous in how they do things"
    — Justin Bere
  • "I’ve been very pleased with how Bow Tie have got on with the work."
    — Justin Bere
  • "My projects with Bow Tie are the only ones where I’ve left the contractor to follow my airtightness details and the projects have passed the 1st airtightness test."
    — Justin Bere

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