Max Fordham House

Bow Tie Construction RIBA London 2019 winner

Bow Tie Construction RIBA London 2019 winner

Bow Tie Construction Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2019 Finalist

Bow Tie Construction Constructing Excellence SECBE Awards 2019 Finalist

New-build Three Bedroom Passive House Zero Carbon Home


Bere Architects

Contract Value

Circa £1.25M

Project Description

We are delighted to have completed this project in Camden Town, currently shortlisted for an RIBA London 2019 award and two Construction Excellence awards. It is a new-build Passivhaus on an urban infill site, previously the client’s garden.

Designed by bere:architects who were given a free hand by the client Max Fordham, it features a number of bespoke elements conceived by Max such as internal shutters constructed from insulation board to be controlled by the smart-home system. No additional heating systems have been installed.

Max decided to avoid unneccessary cosmetic features that would detract from the main focus of the project, which is to demonstrate a technical concept that could have widespread benefits for retrofit and low-cost housing sectors.

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  • After 5 years of living here we are moving to the country and it breaks my heart to leave the beautiful house that you created for us.  I wanted to say thanks again for the beautiful work that you did on our building - it’s been amazing to live in and you guys did a first class job. Would always recommend you if someone asked for an excellent contractor.
    — Nick H
  • “Bow Tie Construction were very professional, they did things to a very high standard and paid a lot of attention to detail. When small issues were flagged here or there they were always keen to investigate and fix them.”
    — Francis M
  • “We’re expecting a dramatic reduction in costs. We now know how much energy we’ve used (in March) and we rarely have the heating on compared to this time last year in our old house.”
    — Toni M
  • Your guys did a very good job on the [window] installation, nice and precise and the assemblies fitted perfectly....Very good silicon application too, with a nice 5mm joint. So please do thank them on behalf of Cristina and myself. We are very pleased.
    — Stephen M
  • "We’re really lucky to have them Bow Tie Construction working on our project. Thanks for all your fantastic work so far."
    — Nick H

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