Our Team

We have seven dedicated build teams supported by our project management and administration staff.

Managing Director
Hagop Heath-Matossian

As a certified Passivhaus designer with a masters in commercial real estate and a Permaculture design qualification, Hagop sees Passivhaus and Energiesprong as the future of housing and is delighted that his work alleviates fuel poverty and improves the quality of life for social housing residents. In his spare time he is a keen snowboarder, wakeboarder, DJ & music producer.

Technical Director
Rafael Delimata

Rafael Delimata is an extremely experienced professional who has spent many years project managing a wide range of construction contracts. He is proud to specialise in low energy, sustainable housing, and in bringing innovation, imagination and technical excellence to your dream home. He is an insulation and Passive House specialist and heads up our R&D projects.

Finance Director
Magda Delimata

Magda has held the financial fort since she joined BTC in 2011 as a graduate of finance accountancy. Her role from basic bookkeeping and reconciling payments has advanced strategizing for company growth. She is happy being part of a company that makes a positive contribution to the environment. She enjoys swimming and conquering her fears.

BIM Manager
Mircea Ciorapciu

Mircea’s design career began with six years experience in lighting, teaching him how important coordination and the RIBA stages are, and how the construction industry works. He enjoys the impact of his work at Bow Tie having always had a curiosity and passion for sustainability. There is no planet B. Lets leave a better planet for our children, and better children for our planet. Mircea enjoys walking, hiking, video games, reading and cooking.

Design Manager
Amrinder Chana

Amrinder has been working in the built environment for over 13 years with a passion for providing clients with high quality sustainable designs. He enjoys the collaborative process of working on a shared 3D environment, working with a team that is passionate about sustainability and working on projects that will help to reduce energy demand and fuel poverty to help improve living standards for all. He is a member of Round Table and likes to keep fit and plays basketball.

Electrical Supervisor

Our in-house qualfied supervisor, Ben undertakes technical planning and supervision of all our electrical installations. He is also our home automation engineer with excellent experience of Loxone. He ensures that our standards of quality control for Passivhaus run through all our projects. He is an amateur light aircraft and glider pilot. He loves swimming, snorkelling and diving.

Working Foreman

One of our most experienced builders, Slawek is also a certified Icynene insulation spray foam installer. His projects have ranged in value from £400k – £3.6M. He is excellent at motivating his team who always have a can-do attitude. He comes from a long lineage of butchers and is our in-house sausage sommelier and christmas party DJ.

Site Manager

Joining us a builder in 2014, Damian has risen through the ranks and is now one of our most trusted and experienced site managers. He has excellent knowledge of construction skills and knows how to achieve a fine finish. He led the team at the RIBA and SECBE nominated Max Fordham House. He holds GNVQ level 3 in construction site management.


Aggie has been working as a buyer across various industry categories for over 8 years covering multiple products and services. Working for Bow Tie is a learning path and everyday there is a different challenge to solve. By using sustainable construction methods and materials on Bow Tie projects we greatly reduce our impact on the environment. Aggie is passionate about fitness, cycling and long walks with her family.

Architectural Assistant

With a degree in Architecture from India, Vandana has delivered many UK residential architecture projects to RIBA Stage 6 as well as projects in the renewable energy sector. She is passionate about design and build of green housing that helps reduce our CO2 footprint. She feels she is achieving this goal by working with Bow Tie Construction alongside a diverse team of professionals. She enjoys reading, playing keyboard, gardening, walking and hiking.

Purchase Ledger Clerk

With a masters in economics and finance, Aga is our purchase ledger clerk. She supports our foremen and management by ensuring our project management platform stays up to date. She is also paraglider, often  travelling to Europe to enjoy her hobby.

Smart Home Engineer

Maciej has IT and management experience. He looks after our cloud data storage, computer systems, tablets and smartphones and ensures our IT infrastructure is ready for whatever we throw at it. He is our in-house Loxone specialist and programmer. He is a keen paraglider.

Architectural Technologist

Leire has always worked in the construction industry, mainly in the technical aspects of design. She appreciates the team  synergy at Bow Tie that allows each member to be authentic and contribute their own experiences, perspectives and talents. She feels that sustainable principles can be applied from the humblest projects to the more ambitious ones. These help to preserve the environment and improve people’s lives from diverse backgrounds anywhere in the world. Leire enjoys travelling, trekking and cooking Mediterranean food.

Junior CAD Technician

With experience in construction planning and product development, Alex enjoys the team dynamic which makes work and daily design challenges a fun experience.  Alex feels that sustainable construction plays an important role in securing our planet’s future. Long term vision and smart material science will ensure global housing can improve the lives of everyone. Alex competes in MMA and Muay Thai and is a blue belt in Ju Jitsu.

Insulation Demonstrator

Ludo’s dedication to low-energy living is embodied by his choice to completely forgo clothing in place of natural insulation. The radiant heat he produces helps to lower the heat energy consumption of our office. Ludo is passionate about dog treats, doing tricks and in his spare time analyses the works of Jung and Nietzsche. He is our in-house mindfulness meditation specialist.

Our Recent Projects

  • “Bow Tie Construction were very professional, they did things to a very high standard and paid a lot of attention to detail. When small issues were flagged here or there they were always keen to investigate and fix them.”
    — Francis M
  • “We’re expecting a dramatic reduction in costs. We now know how much energy we’ve used (in March) and we rarely have the heating on compared to this time last year in our old house.”
    — Toni M
  • Your guys did a very good job on the [window] installation, nice and precise and the assemblies fitted perfectly....Very good silicon application too, with a nice 5mm joint. So please do thank them on behalf of Cristina and myself. We are very pleased.
    — Stephen M
  • "We’re really lucky to have them Bow Tie Construction working on our project. Thanks for all your fantastic work so far."
    — Nick H
  • "I’ve been very pleased with how Bow Tie have got on with the work."
    — Justin Bere